Club periscope

club periscope

Hey rule breaker! While I was in the process of filming these blog videos, I decided to hop on Periscope to answer any behind-the-scenes questions you have about blogging on a regular basis, filming, etc. That Periscope broadcast went so well that I decided to turn on my camera (I use a Nikon D) and film a quick blog. En directe a Periscope #premiumlive #bepremium #premiumtgn. Comedy Fight Club (@ComedyFight). Comedy Fight Club #cfc #cfcarena Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @comedyfightnyc. club periscope

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Periscopes are still used today in tanks and nuru pool sex submarines. Our hours today are 10am-5pm View our complete hours. Really club periscope cereal boxes are perfect. Think about topics that would be interesting to your readers. Be sure to say who are you and what your topic is. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. En directe a Periscope #premiumlive #bepremium #premiumtgn. A periscope let's you look around walls, corners or other obstacles. In this activity, students use the law of reflection to create their own periscope. Making Periscopes. A periscope lets you see over the top of things, such as fences or walls that you aren't tall enough to look over. You can also use it to see around corners. People first started using periscopes in submarines in about , to allow the sailors to see above the water. Later, soldiers in the First World War.

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